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e-mail: [at] gmail [dot] com
sarkueil [at] antitheus [dot] uk
vanadis [at] antitheus [dot] uk


Antitheus Productions is a independent label mainly focused on Black Metal, but mainly doesn't mean only !
Quality is more important for us than quantity

Spirituality... Darkness... Devotion... Obsession... Sincerity

We are always open to submissions, even if not currently seeking new bands

If we don't like your music we'll not release it so...
Do NOT send us anything like metalcore, power metal, grunge, hardcore, gothic...
Save our time!

We prefer to receive a streaming link (YouTube, Bandcamp, SoundCloud)
Do NOT send MP3s to our email - these will be immediately deleted!

We also accept demos/promos via mail
Even if we are not interested, we answer to 100% of submissions
but sometimes it takes time to respond because we get a large number of submissions


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